About us

Pro Motion Clinic is a state of the art clinic new to Kelowna. Dr. Lars P. Seitzinger created the clinic with the vision of bringing the modern medical view of California to Kelowna and utilizing the newest and leading edge techniques in chiropractic care. His extensive 8 year training and achievements with the University of British Columbia and Palmer College of Chiropractic lead him to work with the worlds most advanced health professionals and create this unique clinic in Kelowna. The clinic incorporates a well-rounded approach with YOU the patient at the pinnacle of care.

We dedicate our focus on providing you with the best care available and advanced health solutions. Our teams of elite health professionals include the top chiropractic doctors, registered dietitian, and massage therapists. The team attends the world’s largest conferences and maintains the highest standard in continuing education ensuring that patient care is maximized. Feel the difference of being apart of our team.

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