Pro Motion Clinic Athlete of the Month- Chris Trunzer

Congratulations to Pro Motions

 Athlete of the Month!

Chris  Trunzer



What is the most challenging course you’ve golfed?

Fancourt Links, South Africa

What is the most important part of your preseason training?

Golf specific fitness, working on mobility and stability in the required areas.

Who is your favourite professional player?

I am not a fan of anybody, I like to beat them.

What is the best tip you could give to new golfers?

Find a coach who is meticulous about fundamentals and inspires you to work on your golf fitness.

What is the highest level of golf you’ve played?

European Tour and National Team as an Amateur.

What is the best tip you’ve got for experienced golfers?

Engage in the daily process of improving. There is always better.

What keeps you in the game?

That there is always better.