Pro Motion Clinic Athlete of the Month – Roz Huber

Congratulations to Pro Motions

Athlete of the Month

Roz Huber


A31A1887                                 Photos by Darren Hull

How do you take care of your body with being so active?
I love my yoga practice. It shows me where I need to pay extra attention when I’m feeling sore or tired or tight. My practice also navigates me through physical challenges and when I do that I take care of my state of mind. This is where my body follows. I love a challenge as much as I love my rest. Also, massage! 90 mins is prime. And naps. Naps are clutch. I’m having a really good day if I get both.

Best hidden gem in Kelowna?
Oooh, Joe Rich. It’s not hidden, it’s not in the city limits & it’s most certainly my gem. That place is magic. It’s surrounded by nature and it happens to be where my family is.

A31A9585If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go and why?
Essentially anywhere there is this: soft white sand, bright blue water, a hammock + a wooden hut on posts above the water, a handsome man + a cold margarita in my hand because…… I imagine that to be paradise right now compared to Kelowna’s grey attitude this winter.

Favourite food to fuel your workout?
If I’m being completely candid, coffee + toast is my go-to blood pumper before I workout. I’m ALL about the post-workout feed. These days I’m jamming on 3 scrambled eggs with spinach + kimchi + nutritional yeast on top of sweet potato hash, side of bulletproof coffee and half an avocado. You can’t be messed with after that one! If I’m tight for time, it’s an over-easy egg on toast with hot sauce.

What is your favourite part about the retreats that you plan?
THE PEOPLE, hands down. I get to connect with old friends and create new connections with rad human beings. Also, a close second: story telling. This brings people together and it always feels good to have a laugh and remember old times even if you weren’t there!

In the Health & Fitness world what would you change?
If I could change one thing it would be to have trainers & coaches pay more attention to the personal side of their clients’ lives. I think as the leaders of this industry we have a golden opportunity to dive deeper into what else is happening with the human we are getting to move. There would be so many deeper connections made that could actually change the chemistry and lives of the people we work with on so many levels. That, and mirror selfies were banned because you know why.

Give us a Roz quote.
“Through life’s uncertainty, we must learn to be okay with not knowing exactly what’s going to happen next. We will never know until it’s right therBC3C3890e in front of our face. And if you aren’t present right there, if you are already anticipating the next uncertain moment, you’ll miss what it’s trying to teach you. Everything that comes into your world is looking directly for you.”