Pro Motion Clinic Athlete(s) of the Month – Vanessa Tilson & Matt Baumeister

Congratulations to Pro Motions

Athletes of the Month!

Vanessa Tilson & Matt Baumeister


When and How did the two of you get into triathlons?

V: I got seriously into triathlon when I was 13 and went to the BC Summer Games. My dad had completed several Ironmans and was the person who got me started in the sport.

M: I took up triathlon in university looking for an activity to keep me in shape.

Which event do you find the most challenging?

M: I find the run the most challenging as I grew up as a competitive swimmer and enjoy cycling.

V: I also find the run the most challenging it is the last event and I never pace myself correctly, so I am usually really tired for it. I was a competitive swimmer as well growing up so the swim is never a problem.

Is this your first Iron Man/Half Ironman?

M: This was my second full ironman and second time returning to Ironman Canada in Whistler and I have completed several half ironman distance triathlons.

V: This was my second half ironman, however the first was over 7 years ago so it had been awhile.

DSC_0297Training for events like this take a lot of time and planning. What do you think the most important part of preparing for an event like this is?

M: The most important part is to set a goal for yourself that is realistic and then train and push yourself to achieve that goal.

V: I don’t know if there was one specific thing that could be considered the most important. These long events so many things have to go right leading up to and on the day it is combination of things going right that makes you successful: sleep, nutrition, proper taper, hydration and life/training balance.

What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
Go to promotion of course!

V: What spare time?

DSC_0253Do you have any key motivators that keep to you going at the end of a long race?  

M: Improving on past performances and personal bests always motivates me to do better. Its an addiction I couldn’t stop if I wanted too.

V: I try and think about my goals for the day and stay focused on those to motivate me. At this last race I knew my friend Mallory was running fast behind me so I was basically running scared.

Is there any race or event that either of you would love to compete in but haven’t had the opportunity to yet?

M:  There are several events I would like to do in the future, including The Leadville 100mile trail race in Colorado. I would also like to swim the English Channel one day.

V: Kona, Ironman World Championships it is almost every triathletes dream race.

Do you have any words of encouragement or tips for beginners?

M:  Don’t worry if your equipment or bike isn’t as nice as everyone else. Triathlon is more about spirit than equipment.

V:  Just do it! Set a goal, find a training group and go for it.