Nutrition Supplements – Are you getting what you are paying for?

Did you know many supplements have “extra” ingredients that you may not be aware of and may not even be fully listed on the product? And on the flip side, some supplements may actually not have the right balance of nutrients you were looking for.



Some examples include:
– Protein powders with probiotics and artificial sweeteners
– Multivitamins with coffee extract
– Vitamin packages with mega-doses of vitamins
– Meal replacement bars that are less than a ¼ of the nutrients you’d actually need to make up a complete meal.

I always recommend playing detective when it comes to supplements. Clients often share they look up everything then can on a medication that is prescribed but the same may not apply to their supplements they are taking.

Maybe the supplements you are using are exactly what you were looking for…or maybe not!

At Pro Motion Clinic I will do a specific session to learn more about your health history and review a variety of supplements you may be taking to help you decide whether they may be worth your hard-earned money!

Tina Busetto, RD
IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition