Pre Pregnancy “Pre” Rehab Exercises

Kegels 2.0

You might have been told or have heard that kegels are your go-to pelvic floor exercise.
In Kegels 1.0 we’re taught to find the pelvic floor muscles by “stopping your stream of pee.” While, this might be fine and well, all we’re doing is learning how to statically contract the pelvic floor in isolation. We want the pelvic floor to respond while we run, jump, deadlift, chin up, and squat, so we don’t pee during these activities.
Enter Kegel 2.0 and it’s connection with your breath. Breathing can help us to learn how to properly engage the abdominals and pelvic floor, which I refer as core + floor.
The old adages of “hug your baby” or “pull your belly to your spine” just aren’t going to cut it in pregnancy for developing normal tone through the core + floor. We need to learn how to use the core as a unit.
On the inhale breath, you want the diaphragm to descend and have the belly and pelvic floor muscles gently relax and expand. On the exhale breath, you want the the diaphragm to return back up and to feel gentle tension through the pelvic floor and the abdominals.

This is referred to as the “core breath”. You’ll want to practice 2 sets a day of 10 breaths. This is truly about quality of the movement, not quantity of reps.
This is the Kegel 2.0.

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