Pro Motion Clinic Athlete of the Month – Liz Blackburn

Congratulations to our very first

Pro Motion Athlete of the Month!



How did you first get started with CFOK

I started with a women’s only Crossfit gym that also owned CFOK, I found a Smart Betty deal online and always wanted to try it so figured why not!The women’s gym eventually merged together with Crossfit Okanagan.

Liz 14

What were your goals when starting Crossfit? Have you achieved any of these goals?

I didn’t have much of a goal when I started CF other than to get stronger and to get a strict pullup!

Yes! I am substantially stronger then when I started CF, which didn’t take long! If you put the work in it is amazing how soon you achieve results. I also got a strict pullup after two months!

Favourite quote?

I have too many favourite quotes…

“In Liz we Trust” – it’s not actually a quote but the clients at the gym say that to me in the classes that I coach.image2

“The exercise you hate the most is probably the one you need the most”  – Author unknown

What is your favourite WOD?

“Elizabeth” – it’s my name plus it’s got ring dips and cleans, two of my favorites!

What was the most important aspect about your preparation for the Okanagan Valley Throwdown?

Strengthening my weaknesses whether it be gymnastics, lifting or cardio plus making sure I see Dr. Lars and Vanessa to correct alignment and muscle imbalances! How can you move correctly if your body isn’t working properly!

Is this your first Crossfit Competition?

No this is my third, they are addicting!