Rest Sucks!

Rest is destroying our athletic careers by destroying our movement patterns.  Too often I have someone come into the clinic saying that they were told to rest and stay off the injury for 6-8 weeks. When we completely rest the body’s response is to decrease protein synthesis meaning you’ll lose strength & endurance. More importantly, tissues responding positively to loading! A good provider will work with you to figure out how to remain as active as possible, how to load tissues appropriately for healing, and try to keep you in the gym/game/fight!

Very rarely do we need to completely rest from an injury (although there are certainly times where we must). We need to stimulate our motor control system to maintain our movement patterns.  If you don’t use it, you lose it! You create a compensatory movement pattern which in most cases is dysfunction, leading to poor performance or further injury in another area (regional interdependence).

The practitioners at Pro Motion Clinic understand the importance of getting started, not just rehab but also ‘pre’ hab for any injury or upcoming surgery you may have.

-Dr. Lars P. Seitzinger