There is nothing worse than a headache, a pain that you just can’t get away from. At Pro Motion we successfully treat patients with headaches from a variety of causes. The most important aspect of our treatment approach is determining the cause of your headache. There are a myriad of causes, none of which are a deficiency in Aspirin or Advil. Causes can include neck and shoulder tension, rapid blood sugar fluctuations, food or chemical sensitivities, poor sleep or work postures, and neck joint fixations, among others. At Pro Motion Clinic we take a careful patient history and perform a thorough exam, then run appropriate lab tests if needed. If you are having headaches more than a few times a year, you are living with needless pain and frustration. We would welcome the opportunity to help you find the cause of your head pain and provide the appropriate treatment. Your treatment will be personalized to your specific symptoms and what we discover during your history and exam.