Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is a common diagnosis given to anyone having digestive problems. At Pro Motion we ask “What is causing the irritation to the patients’ bowels?” And more importantly, “How do we return the bowel function back to normal?” These seem like simple questions that any health care practitioner would ask, but we find that many times the cause and long-term solution is overlooked. A classic case would be a patient who had “normal” digestive health and then over 3-6 months had a downward spiral into gas, bloating, upset stomach, loose stools and/or constipation, among other symptoms. The medical course of care is usually antibiotics and avoidance of common “trigger foods.” Many of the patients we see with IBS are having only limited results from this medical approach and are looking for answers and a workable solution.
There are many things that can cause irritation to our digestive system. These can include bacterial and/or parasitic infections, food and/or chemical sensitives, stomach acid irregularities, digestive enzyme imbalance, ileocecal valve problems, among others. At Pro Motion Clinic in Kelowna, we are trained to help you discover the cause of your IBS. We take a thorough history and then utilize tools such as laboratory evaluation, sensitive allergen testing and thorough examination. We are always amazed by how many patients with IBS have not had a doctor perform detailed abdominal palpation to ascertain which digestive system structures are inflamed and irritated. It seems that in today’s high-tech medical world the simple and effective tools of examination of the patient by hand has been replaced with CT and MRI scans, many times with unimpressive and ambiguous results. We will take the time and steps necessary to help you discover the cause of your IBS and then develop a workable plan that will help you regain good digestive health.