Jaw Pain/TMJ

“A chiropractor helping with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction?” I get that question a lot. Chiropractors are trained on treating every joint in the body, including the TMJ. A person experiencing TMJ dysfunction will complain of popping or clicking at one or both TMJ joints (the joint is right in front of the ear opening). They might also have pain with chewing, and in severe cases with any movement of the jaw. TMJ problems can be caused by trauma (major or minor) to the jaw or head, grinding or clenching the teeth, or dental work, among others. The approach to treatment at Pro Motion Clinic for all TMJ problems is to take a detailed history, thorough exam, and then determine how the muscles that move the jaw joint are working. There are four muscles on each side of the jaw that open and close the TMJ. If any or all of these muscles get inhibited, or more commonly too tight, they can cause an imbalance in motion of the TM joint which leads to pain and clicking. The treatment is simple and straightforward: we work on those eight muscles to balance them using gentle muscle work, Graston Technique, specific muscular retraining exercises. If the patient is grinding their teeth at night, a condition called bruxism, we will refer the patient to a dentist or orthodontist for an appropriate bite plate or dental appliance.