Low Back Pain

Low back pain comes in many forms: bulging discs, sciatica, arthritis, and muscles spasms, to name a few. Whatever form of back pain you are suffering from it is disabling and the pain drains your energy. Our approach at Pro Motion Clinic is to find the cause of your low back pain. We will take a detailed history, complete a thorough exam (including postural analysis, muscle testing, orthopedic tests, etc), and determine if imaging studies like x-rays or MRI are needed. In most non-traumatic cases imaging is not needed. We successfully treat patients with low back pain every day in our clinic. The treatment is always personalized to the patient, no two patients receive the same care because our bodies and our symptoms are all unique. Common treatment approaches include gentle joint adjustments if indicated, muscle work using myofascial release or Graston Technique, ergonomic evaluation, and instructions for home exercise to strengthen your body so you don’t get recurrences of your low back pain. We want you to be pain free quickly and permanently and we will treat you with that goal as our focus.