Mid-back Pain

Having pain in between our shoulder blades is an all to common complaint we see in the office these days. Many times the root of the problem is poor posture caused by tightness in our chest and neck muscles from hunching over computers, driving cars, and generally deconditioning our back muscles. The pain can be achy, burning, or tingling in nature and can range from uncomfortable to unbearable. The good news is that Dr. Lars Seitzinger successfully treats patients with this type of pain every day. At Pro Motion Clinic we use gentle chiropractic adjustments to help the fixated joints of the spine regain motion. We use the Graston Technique along with the Active Release Technique to help decrease adhesions in the overworked and tight muscles, and instruction on simple home strengthening and stretching exercises to bring lasting relief to our mid-back pain patients. Also, if indicated, we will go over the ergonomics of the patient’s work and home environment to see how we can keep the pain from coming back.