Muscle Cramping

Muscles throughout your body can cramp for various reasons. Commonly a patient will complain of foot or lower leg muscle cramping, especially in the evenings. Another patient presentation is cramping of a specific muscle with repetitive use, such as running or swimming. And many times woman have significantly painful uterine and abdominal muscle cramping concurrent to the menstrual phase of their cycle. At Pro Motion Clinic in we have seen and helped many patients with muscle cramping. Many times the patient has complete resolution of their cramping when we give them specific supplements. These might include calcium and/or magnesium supplements, but there are many different forms of these supplements and the right combination of specific nutrients can make all the difference. Many times patients will say “I was taking calcium and it wasn’t helping at all.” When we get them on the right dosage of the correct type of supplement the results seem miraculous. The doctors here will determine what the cause of your cramping is through a history, physical exam, and laboratory evaluation (if needed). While supplementation with nutrients can be the answer we also find that muscle cramp when the biomechanics of a joint is compromised, the cramping is muscle is being overworked. Through gentle chiropractic adjustments and Graston Technique to help release tension in the surrounding tissues a lasting solution can many times be achieved without taking supplements.