Neck Pain

Neck pain can be disabling. Pain in the neck can be a chronic tightness in the muscles of the neck/shoulder region and at the base of the skull. Many times this will cause tension headaches in the afternoon or evening. Neck pain can also be extremely sharp, like someone stabbing you with a knife. Neck pain can also cause symptoms that radiate down one or both arms. Sometimes it comes on slowly, then other times we wake up with severe neck pain that seems to have come on out of nowhere. Whatever the cause of your neck pain, we will use the latest methods to determine the cause of your neck pain. Once we figure out the cause of your neck pain we will go over the many different treatment options available in our office. At Pro Motion Clinic in we have been trained in many different techniques so the treatment of your specific condition can be personalized and effective. We treat neck symptoms every day in our practice using gentle chiropractic adjustments using either a low-force techniques, or gentle manual adjustments. These methods put motion back into the fixated joints can decrease pain dramatically after the first treatment and help the muscles start to relax. We also will perform a postural analysis, because in our modern society many times neck pain finds it origins in our slumped shoulders and upper back posture. With rounded shoulders and poor posture our neck gets put in a compromised position and pain and arm/hand symptoms are inevitable. We work diligently to teach our patients how to improve their posture using guided exercises and stretches. We teach our patients how to use a foam roller to increase flexibility and improve their posture at home. We also use specialized Kinesiology Tape (RockTape) and the Graston Technique when indicated to help get rid of patient’s chronic neck tightness and pain. After a few visits, most patients say “Why did it take me so long to get in here?”