Numbness And Tingling

We can have numbness or tingling in various locations of our body. Sometimes the symptoms are in the hands or feet, other times the tingling is in our hips or mid-back. Most numbness and tingling is caused by the compression or pinching of nerves. At Pro Motion we are skilled at determining whether the compression of the nerve is from bones, tight muscles, or disc bulging. After a detailed history and thorough exam we will let you know what is causing your symptoms and how we recommend proceeding. Many times tingling in the hands is caused by poor posture and compression of the nerves leading from the neck to the hands. In many cases gentle chiropractic adjustments, muscle work using Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, postural exercises, and Specialized Kinesiology Tape(RockTape) when needed, bring rapid and complete relief to patients numbness and tingling.