Rib Discomfort

The twenty four ribs in our chest and back region can cause some interesting symptoms. Classic rib symptoms that patients present with include: sharp pain in the chest or back that is localized and pain made worse by a deep breath, coughing, or moving in a specific motion with the torso of the body (most commonly trunk rotation or lateral bending). The area around the rib joint, either at the sternum or the mid-back, can be extremely painful. Many times a rib that is “fixated” or not moving like it should will seem like a heart attack and many times patient will see us after they have been to their MD to make sure they weren’t having a heart attack. Diagnosing a rib fixation from a heart attack is easily accomplished with a history and physical exam in our office. However, if you feel you are having a heart attack get to the hospital immediately. The best part about a rib fixation and rib discomfort is that most of the time the relief from a gentle adjustment is immediate and almost complete. Often patients say “I should have come in earlier” or “I didn’t know ribs could cause pain like that.” We treat rib joint fixations all the time at Pro Motion Clinic with great success. Many time after the adjustment we will use specific taping at the affected area with Specialized Kinesiology Tape(RockTape) to help the area heal and to reduce inflammation more rapidly.