Sciatica is characterized by pain from your back or hip, traveling down the back of your leg. The pain can be sharp, but most of the time is a nagging, achy-type pain. Sciatica gets it’s name because the symptoms are caused by compression of the sciatic nerve, with such compression usually occurring the gluteal muscle region. Specifically, the piriformis muscle in the gluteal region can cause compression of the sciatic nerve which runs under and sometime though this muscle that causes external hip rotation movements. Care for sciatica at Pro Motion Clinic starts with addressing the cause of sciatic nerve pain through a detailed history, physical exam, and orthopedic testing. Most of the time the pain in the low back, hip, and leg are remedied within a few visits. Many times patients experience some immediate relief of their nagging leg pain after their first visit. Depending on the specifics of your pain, care in our office will include gentle chiropractic adjustments to help restore motion to “stuck” spinal and pelvic bone. Additionally we will use targeted muscle work to restore normal tone to the low back and pelvic muscles, this can include Graston or Active Release Technique. We might also use specialized Kinesiology Tape(RockTape) to help reduce inflammation and speed up healing. Finally, we will teach you customized home exercises and go over postural corrections you can use to make sure you aren’t plagued by sciatica in the future.