Tennis Elbow

The medical term for this painful elbow condition is “lateral epicondylitis.” -Itis stands for inflammation in Latin and therefore the term means inflammation at the lateral epicondyle (the outside part of your humerus arm bone). It can be very painful to grasp things and the area becomes very tender to the touch. At Pro Motion Clinic our approach to tennis elbow is to make sure all the joints in the fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulder are working properly and perform gentle adjustments where needed. Any fixation in normal joint motion puts extra stress on the muscles and tendons at the lateral epicondyle. Additionally we work on the wrist/finger extensor muscles to remove scar tissue/myofascial adhesions using our hands or Graston Tools. We teach you helpful stretching and strengthening exercises specifically for this type of pain. We will recommend the best orthopedic brace if we feel it is needed to help speed healing. Lastly, natural anti-inflammatory options will be discussed that can reduce pain and the time needed to heal. Tennis elbow can be difficult to get rid of and we often see patients that have suffered through it for months, or even years, prior to presenting at our office. We have excellent outcomes with the vast majority of patients we treat for Tennis Elbow.