Golf Performance


DGolf Kelwona Chiropracticr. Lars Seitzinger is leading health professional part of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Dr. Seitzinger uses a cutting edge system to evaluate and develop a customized golf evaluation and program to help every golfer at any level to improve their game.
Dr. Seitzinger’s training as a sports chiropractic and specialization in golf enables him to evaluate and correct the physical limitations that affect your golf swing. Dr. Seitzinger uses his knowledge of the body and the TPI analysis system to find the best way to improve the efficiency, mobility, and longevity of your golf swing.

Dr. Seitzinger will work closely with golf professionals to help strengthen their game, reduce the risks of injury, and to improve their swing. To take your game to the next level you must get the edge on your competition!

Dr. Seitzinger will:

  • Lower your Scores
  • Increase your Club Head Speed
  • Increase your Driving Distance
  • Minimize the risk of debilitating pain or injury allowing you to maximize your golf life
  • Eliminate Pain
  • Improve Posture
  • Increase Endurance, Power & Strength
  • Improve Flexibility and Balance
  • Improve Mobility and Stability

Contact Dr. Seitzinger at the Pro Motion Clinic in Kelowna to take your game to the next level!