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Introducing Dr. Lars Seitzinger, Chris Trunzer, and Jason Meisch.

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Lars 1Dr. Lars Seitzinger from Pro Motion Clinic. He is a leading health professional  and part of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Dr. Seitzinger uses a cutting edge system to evaluate and develop a customized golf evaluation and program to help every golfer at any level to improve their game.
Dr. Seitzinger’s training as a sports chiropractic and specialization in golf enables him to evaluate and correct the physical limitations that affect your golf swing. Dr. Seitzinger uses his knowledge of the body and the TPI analysis system to find the best way to improve the efficiency, mobility, and longevity of your golf swing.

Dr. Seitzinger will work closely with golf professionals to help strengthen their game, reduce the risks of injury, and to improve their swing. To take your game to the next level you must get the edge on your competition! Dr. Lars Seitzinger 


13892065_130868907353335_1047467513522251109_nChris Trunzer had an outstanding amateur career followed by 10 years playing professional golf all over the globe. On his journey he has collected triumphs, scars, mentors, experiences. Years of lessons learned and, like anyone, lessons yet to be learned. He is aware of the wealth of knowledge he can bring to the table, but fully embraces the power of surrounding himself and his students with a team of top-notch specialists for the different areas of the game.

He knows what it means to be the one holding the club, having to make the shot, and knows that things are easier said than done. As much encouraging as a golfer needs, he believes a healthy dose of honesty can go a long way. The only way we can really improve is if we are truly aware of what we need to work on, a role Chris is ready to play for those who are serious about becoming the best golfer they can be.  Chris Trunzer



Jason Meisch from Peak Golf Fitness. Jason is originally from Muskegon, MI.  Jason earned his BS in Athletic Training from Saginaw Valley State University in 2002 and worked on his Masters studies in Exercise Science at Western Illinois University.  Jason is a Level 3 Golf Medical Professional and a Golf Biomechanist certified through the Titleist Performance Institute.Jason is currently working with and consulting for players on the PGA, LPGA, Canadian and Web.com tours.

Before starting Peak Golf Fitness Jason was the Director of Training and Fitness at a golf fitness facility for 4 years. Previous to moving to the Washington DC area he served as an assistant at White Lake Golf Club in Whitehall, Michigan where he worked with the Junior Golf Program as well as normal golf club services. Jason is also a contributing author for the Titleist Performance Institute and the Golfing Amigos website.  He has also been consulted on golf fitness related articles from the Washington Post.  Jason Meisch