Aftercare for Injections

This information reviews what you can expect to feel and tells you the important things to do during the next few days in order to minimize discomfort and get the best possible results from the treatment.


What changes have occurred in my body as a result of the injections?

The trigger point injections unlocked knots in the muscles and released a lot of tension that was present in the injected muscles. Afterwards, these muscles were stretched to their normal length. The treated muscles should be softer than they were before the treatment, range of motion may be increased, and the more serious pain should be lessened.


What will the discomfort or pain be like afterwards?

The areas of your body that were injected are likely to be sore. This soreness should be more like the discomfort you experience in your muscles after working out with weights, especially if you haven’t done it for a while and you lifted yesterday. There shouldn’t be “serious” pain in the injected areas. If discomfort is at this level, please call the office first thing the next morning. If your injections were done in the morning and this level of pain is present in the afternoon, please call the office to see if you need to come back in that day.


How long will post-injection soreness last?

It will typically last 1 to 2 days, like the soreness after working out. Occasionally people are sore for the week, but this is rare.


What should I do to ease discomfort after injections?

First – drink water. When tension gets released from the muscle, blood can suddenly get in the muscle and cleanse it of toxins. You need to flush these toxins from you body. Drinking water hastens this process and helps you avoid getting sick from all the toxins. People who don’t drink enough water may experience fever, nausea, and general “flu-like” symptoms.

Second – stretch often. A lot of generalized aching can be relieved with gentle stretching. You need to keep the muscles from tightening back up. This may require stretching every ten minutes sometimes, and during other parts of the day, every couple hours.

Third – use the ball often. The muscles will appreciate a lot of gentle massaging. When the muscles are sore use the ball gently, there is no need to apply a lot of pressure and make it hurt more.