Amino Acid Injection

Dexpanthenol: Gasto-Intestinal stimulant helps to reduce systemic pain and inflammation. Helps to increase energy.

Lysine: Helps to increase nutrient absorption in the gut. Decrease frequency of herpes, great antiviral. Reduces anxiety and other psychological problems.

Taurine: Promotes glucose control, strong antioxidant. Protects and strengthens heart muscle cells. Helps increase muscle contractility and can increase speed in which the muscles rid lactic acid.

L-Arganine: Powerful anti aging effect. Increases coronary and systemic circulation, stimulates production of HGH, increases blood flow to muscles during a workout, and reduces recovery time from muscle damage and soreness.


Glutatione: Very powerful antioxidant, can slow aging process by synthesizing and repairing DNA. Increases immunity and assists the liver in detoxification.

Niacinamide: Increases detoxification of drugs . Increases systemic circulation, can help with migraines, headaches, and dizziness. Can calm ADHD symptoms and promote relaxation.