Tait Cuthill R.Kin

Tait 2

Tait is a UBC Okanagan Graduate with a degree in Human Kinetics. Majoring in Clinical Physiology, his learning was geared towards physical body function, biomechanics, and human anatomy. During his time at UBC Okanagan Tait played 4 years with the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team as a goalkeeper. His time spent on and off the field as a varsity athlete paired perfectly with his kinesiology degree. Tait is originally from Tsawwassen BC but was drawn to the Okanagan for the superb seasonal activities it has to offer. His passion for sport and activity roots deeply into his life from childhood and plays an important role in his life today.

Beginning at Pro Motion as a practicum student, Tait worked his way to his current position of Office Manager and Kinesiologist. Tait specializes in tailoring treatments to his patient’s individual needs; he builds workouts and routines around his patients ensuring the therapy is as beneficial to each person’s goals and wellbeing as possible. Tait recognizes the importance of individualizing exercise due the the immense variability in personal body type and functional ability. Using a combination of functional movement screens, baseline measures, and exercise history, patients will receive unique routine to get their rehabilitation on track and enjoy the experience along the way.

Tait’s mission is to get individuals excited about exercise. Home care often goes overlooked when prescribed to patients. His approach is to incorporate the necessary aspects of personal home care with the individual’s desired exercise goals. Exercise prescription has shown to have impressive results when individuals stick to their routines and progress at a proper pace. It is important to know when to increase load and recognize when exercises may be to strenuous. That is a large part of having a kinesiologist develop and assist individuals through their routines. The main goal is to get people comfortable exercising post injury and ultimately understand their body and what it takes to prevent potential re-injury. Something tait likes to call “P-rehab”